Terms Of Service

Basic Terms and Conditions

-I do not condone, respect or allow the copying and altering of my work. This goes for commissioners as well, if a piece is commissioned from me I highly plead that you do not alter, trace, or edit it in any way. This includes but is not limited to the completion or alteration of a traditional or digital sketch, line work, or other. You may watermark over it for protection.

-You MAY use your purchased commissions to attach to or make into Badges, Backpacks, Notebooks, Phone cases, ect. I ask if you do this send me a picture and let me see what you’ve made, if you can’t however that’s alright. Please do not use my work however for prints or public profit.

-Be respectful to me and give me time and space to work. My commission times vary unless clearly specified by the commissioner upon the time of purchase. On average commissions may take anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on my current queue.

-I hold the right to deny or cancel a commission at any time for any reason, if no work has begun then I will gladly refund you, though if I was being disrespected stressed or harassed and work had already begun you will only receive a partial refund along with any WIP’s there are to show.

-I DO NOT work on weekends unless specifically requested by a commissioner in order to meet a commission due date! Please refrain from asking me to work over the weekends unless it is absolutely necessary and know that I will be less likely to reply in this period of time!

-I WILL charge extra if I have shown you the sketch, received approval, and am then asked to change it later on. I will not change a commission otherwise if I have already done the line work.

::I WILL Draw::







::I WON’T Draw::

-Complex Backgrounds

-Extremely Complex Characters

Exaggerated or Difficult Props

-Some Robotics And Mechanics

Payment Information

-PayPal ONLY.

-Please check ‘No Address Needed’ when commissioning me for digital work before sending payment.

-I will only begin on a commission after payment has been made.

-Once I begin sketching no refund is available. Please make sure you have the proper funds to commission me at any given period of time if you plan to do so!

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